Hair beauty

Monday, May 02, 2016

I might be a little obsessed when it comes to hair beauty and hair products. Having great, healthy hair is very important to me. I used to not have great quality and thin hair so I decided to take care of my hair for real now. Products we use are so important and play a huge role in our beauty health. I used to use only one shampoo, then dry my hair and apply a little bit of something (like an oil or spray) to my hair and I didn't understand why my hair looked so dull (thinking beauty should come naturally). Well, beauty does come naturally when you have thick hair with a natural hair color. But only few lucky girls have this! I have dyed my hair since I can remember so I do need a little help and work on my hair. This is why I love to use  Bumble and Bumble products. When dry I add some curls with and a little bit of Brilliantine and I am good to go. Oh and of course a regimen of Biotine is also something I take on a daily basis but I will post something about it next time. Stay tuned.

Surf foam spray here  / Invisible oil shampoo here / Brilliantine here / Hair thickening here / Pret a porter dry shampoo here